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An online way of showing you care in the offline world

Mobile App 


DeeDz is a new platform of showing you care.

It allows you to send a $7 value present to a friend,

colleague or any person who did something nice for you.

This person can then utilize it in selected places.

A DeeD is like a small coupon you can utilize in your favorite
bars and stores close by.

Out In The World - All About The Users

"DeeDz" launched on august 2020 and has over 2,700 users since.

3,300 DeeDz have been sent so far in 56 local businesses.

The app is active in the TLV area and will soon become national.

My role

  • Branding

  • Design research

  • Prototyping

  • UI/UX design


The need

We all share our lives on social media and we do it for multiple purposes; to show-off, to raise awareness, to study, to gossip, to read the news and to stay in touch.

There's a phrase in Hebrew called LEFARGEN - to show appreciation.

We do this action on-line by liking, sharing and commenting.

We show that we care, we cheer, we praise  and so on...

DeeDz is a new way to take these actions from the online sphere to the real world.

The goal

The main goal is to connect people, bring back the feeling of community, show gratitude and appreciation – give the feeling you actually care.

DeeDz’ vision is to spread love by sending small gestures of appreciation.

The butterfly effect

Think about the change one action may cause. 

You send a DeeD  ⮕  you make someone happy  ⮕  it encourages

his need to do something good in return  ⮕  he sends a DeeD later
on to a third person  ⮕  and so on...

Promoting Businesses

When buying a DeeD you help a local business,

if your friend is utilizing the deed somewhere, he might as well

buy something extra or at least will be exposed to this business.
Once people will use DeeDz on a daily basis, the stores will be exposed to new audiences and enjoy a greater traffic of customers.

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Process and Research:


The first step was understanding the value of appreciation and

understand what LEFARGEN will do.
Studies show that people who feel valuable and treated with 

and attention, are more likely to maintain loyal relationships and
become better friends / colleagues / workers.

Appreciation and efforts reflect a proactive approach towards

someone’s positive actions. By engaging one's life you can make

a significant difference in personal connections.

A study by Sonja Lyubomirsky at the University of California

found that gratitude accounts for 40% of a person’s happiness.


The second step was to seek for ways to show online and offline appreciations.


  • Just saying "Thank you"

  • Give a hug

  • Write a thank you note

  • Make a phone call

  • Invite for coffee / dinner

  • Send a gift

  • Send a gift card


  • Like - The easiest and fastest way

  • Comment

  • Share / retweet  / repost – The quick way of showing you care/want to be a part

  • Write a personal post / tweet / instagram story and tag the relevant person

  • Send a direct message

  • Write a review - in person or public

2nd step resolutions 

After talking to people it was clear that when comparing online

and offline appreciation, the online one perceived less personal, 

with no real emotions and sometimes just automatic.

The offline perceived personal, loving, friendly and warm.  



Then I asked 30 people what type of a 7$ value gift will make them happy. The results were:

  • Food voucher

  • Drinks voucher

  • Flowers

  • Grocery store credit

  • Wolt credit

  • Scooter ride

We realize that when receiving small gifts, people want something they can use fast and on the spot. Food was by far the best option.  

Group 16.png

After gathering all the information it was time to build the UX.

The app has two main uses – Use a DeeD and utilize a DeeD.

I chose to use two big buttons as the main screen, each will

lead to a different scenario.

Accordingly, I chose two main colors, one for each flow.  


Sending a DeeD flow:


Utilazing a DeeD flow:

The mascot 

DeeD is a token, once you get one - you own something!

Part of the branding process included thinking what this token should be.  Should it be a coin? a statue? Long thinking sessions with the CEO and CFO of DeeDz led us to decide on the troll. 

We wanted to mascot to be ‘someone’, but we didn't want it to have a gender. We wanted the mascot to show emotions - be happy once the user sends a DeeD and sad if the user doesn't have DeeDz to use. We wanted it to guide the user but not to be over dominant. The troll answered all our wishes.   

TROLL (3).png
TROLL (1).png
TROLL (4).png
TROLL (2).png
MOCKUP 8.jpg


Nimrod Meroz

CFO & Co-founder


Mor was our UX/UI Designer since the early stages and brought not only a great talent

but also commitment, ability to listen

and learn our needs as a new company,

and connect to the product while maintaining the professional

principles that guided her.

At the end of the day - she gave us

the best result we could ever imagine.

Thanks! Nimrod

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