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An online way of showing you care in the offline world

Mobile App 


DeeDz is a platform designed to show appreciation.
It allows users to send a $7 gift to a friend, colleague, or anyone who has done something nice for them. Recipients can redeem these gifts at selected locations. A DeeD functions like a small coupon, usable at favorite cafes, bars, and stores nearby.


"DeeDz" launched in August 2020, and gained over 2,700 users within the first few months. In six months, 3,300 DeeDz were utilized across 56 local businesses.
Initially active only in Tel Aviv, the app gradually expanded to other cities.

My role

  • Branding

  • Design research

  • Prototyping

  • UI/UX design


The need

In the digital age, we share our lives on social media for various reasons: to showcase, show-off, raise awareness, learn, gossip, stay informed, and stay connected. I "LEFARGEN" means to show appreciation.

In Hebrew, the term LEFARGEN means to show appreciation.

Online, we do this through likes, shares, and comments.

DeeDz takes these online actions into the real world, offering a new way to show you care..

The goal

DeeDz aims to connect people, revive the sense of community, and show gratitude and appreciation. Its vision is to spread love through small gestures of appreciation, enhancing personal connections and show you actually care.

The butterfly effect

Think about the impact of a single action:

You send a DeeD  ⮕  you make someone happy  ⮕ i t inspires them to do something good in return  ⮕  they send a DeeD to another person  ⮕  and the cycle continues...

Promoting Businesses

Purchasing a DeeD supports local businesses. When users utilize their DeeD, they might purchase additional items or at least become exposed to the business. Regular use of DeeDz can increase customer traffic and introduce new audiences to these stores.

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Process and Research:


Understanding Appreciation:

  • The initial step was to understand the value of appreciation and the concept of LEFARGEN.

  • Studies indicate that people who feel valued and cared for are more likely to maintain loyal relationships and become better friends, colleagues, or employees.

  • Efforts to show appreciation reflect a proactive approach towards recognizing positive actions, significantly impacting personal connections

  • Research by Sonja Lyubomirsky at the University of California found that gratitude accounts for 40% of a person’s happiness.


Online vs. Offline Appreciation:

We sent out questionnaires and conducted user interviews to understand what users perceived as an online/offline assessment:


  • Just saying "Thank you"

  • Give a hug

  • Write a thank you note

  • Make a phone call

  • Invite for coffee / dinner

  • Send a gift

  • Send a gift card


  • Like - The easiest and fastest way

  • Comment

  • Share / retweet  / repost – The quick way of showing you care/want to be a part

  • Write a personal post / tweet / instagram story and tag the relevant person

  • Send a direct message

  • Write a review - in person or public

The results

The conclusions were that online appreciation is often perceived as less personal and emotionally detached.
Offline appreciation is seen as more personal, loving, friendly, and warm.



Gift Preferences:

Surveying 30 people, I discovered that small, immediately usable gifts were preferred, with food being the top choice.

  1. Food voucher

  2. Drinks voucher

  3. Flowers

4. Grocery store credit

5. Wolt credit

6. Scooter ride

We realize that when receiving small gifts, people want something they can use fast and on the spot.

Group 16.png

​After gathering this information - it was time to build the UX.

DeeDz has two main flows:

  • Sending a DeeD.

  • Utilizing a DeeD.

I chose to feature two large buttons on the homepage, each leading to a different flow, and used two primary colors to distinguish the intents.


Sending a DeeD flow:


Utilazing a DeeD flow:

The mascot 

DeeD is a token, once you get one - you own something!
Part of the branding process included thinking what this token should be.  Should it be a coin? a statue? Long thinking sessions with the CEO and CFO of DeeDz led us to decide on the troll. 

We wanted to mascot to be ‘someone’, but we didn't want it to have a gender. We wanted the mascot to be expressive -show happiness when a user sends a DeeD and sadness when they have none left to utilize. The troll guides users without being overly dominant, perfectly meeting our requirements.

TROLL (3).png
TROLL (1).png
TROLL (4).png
TROLL (2).png

Here you can find some of the trolls I created.

MOCKUP 8.jpg


Nimrod Meroz

CFO & Co-founder


Mor was our UX/UI Designer since the early stages and brought not only a great talent

but also commitment, ability to listen

and learn our needs as a new company,

and connect to the product while maintaining the professional

principles that guided her.

At the end of the day - she gave us

the best result we could ever imagine.

Thanks! Nimrod

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