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Q House of basics

Branding for a global boutique clothing store

On and off line branding


Q House Of Basics is an international clothing brand

that was built with a mindset for sustainability and a balance between comfort and couture.

My romance with Q House started when they approached me in 2019 and asked me to design their new line of fragrances for fabrics and spaces that was meant to be sent to a Vogue event in London  - and the rest is history.

These days I design their whole branding materials.

My role

  • Working together with the brand owner and clothing designer in order to create the perfect connection between new collections and the brand's branding.

  • Design research

  • UX/UI design for the lookbooks

  • Choosing printing materials

  • Working with the print house

  • Thinking of new creative ways to personalize the brand for its VIP and regular customers

  • Drawing sketches 

The LookBooks

A lookbook is a seasonal magazine that Q house sends

worldwide to their stores and to showrooms in Europe and USA. 

These magazines are revealing the new collection and contains the model's name, prices, sizes, type of fabrics, colors and pictures of options of wearing.

I design every lookbook in the spirit of the collection's clothing line while keeping the “feel” of the brand.

square magazine  psd mockup scene 02.jpg


Occasionally there is a design that is still in process,

Dorit the owner and clothing designer is sketching it for me

on paper or explaining the design detail by detail and I create

an online version of it. 


Designer's sketch


My sketch


Keeping it Personal

Although Q House of basics has become international,

one visit in their first boutique store in Israel will give you

the family vibes and comfort feeling - just like their clothing, everything feels just right!

With that in mind we created a personal note from Dorit, the owner and head designer of Q House, that they add to every delivery and in-store purchase. 

Branding Identity MockUp Vol14.jpg

Shopping Bags

Dorit wanted the shopping bags to stand out, look boutique and high-couture and yet, feel comfortable and basic.

We have created two sizes of bags; one for those who purchased a single item and one for a bigger purchase.

The handle is made of strong and sustainable fabric and

the bag itself from high quality cardboard.


Scents & Fragrances

My Romance with Q House started with the first fragrance

they created that was sent to a Vogue event in London.

These days Q is also selling scent candles in many shapes

and forms - all with the same basic design.



Dorit Sharon

Owner and head designer

Mor gets me without words!

She is a professional to the max

and got our brand's vibes after

the first conversation.  

I feel relaxed handing her any

type of visual assignment.

Knowing she will show up with

the best results!

Shir Goldberg

Operations manager


Shir Goldberg

Operation manager

Mor is by far the best designer

we have worked with!

Always giving her 200%.

She can show up at the store

just to make sure the final details are just like we've imagined.

I highly recommend working with her! 

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