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Website | Mobile platform

e-Commerce website for dog leashes


Zee.Dog in an American brand that designs and builds products for dog owners. They aspire to have products of expression, ones that help living the best life with dogs while staying fashionable and stylish.

Full Disclosure

I'm a dog owner myself, a huge dog lover and a big fan of the Zee.Dog brand. The company does not ship to Israel and my idea was to build a demo website and an online platform
(UX, UI and prototype), send it to them and suggest the option of being a local seller.

We are in touch and my (dog's) fingers are crossed ;)

Macbook Long Scroll Mockup.png

The Project

Redesigning the website and building an online platform.

My guidelines were: make the product the main thing, use the original lifestyle photos, keep it cool, make it stylish!

My Role

  • Redesigning

  • Prototyping

  • Keeping it cool

  • Making it stylish ;)

Inspiration Board

The first thing I had in mind was to stick to my guidelines, therefore the first board I added was the products themselves.  (AKA - Zee leashes)

Then I added the original footage (AKA - Zee footage), collected a bunch of inspiration photos - based on photography type, framing, color editing ect. (AKA - photos)

The fourth board was all about the main colors I had in mind - yellows, pinks and turquoises - all bright colors expressing positivity, happiness and playfulness. (AKA - colors)

The fifth mini-board was relevant fonts. (AKA - fonts)

Before jumping into the design process, I formed an inspiration board.

צילום מסך 2021-01-06 ב-19.17.24.png

THE Mood-board

Once I finished gathering all the photos and colors, I built a board that gave me my visual guidelines. 

Colorful contrasts, cool vibes, hipsters' style, and an overall 

lifestyle that shows the connection between dogs and humans. 


My Target Audience 

  • Dog lovers

  • Stylish dog owners

  • Vets - positioning a display of products in their clinic
    can double and triple the sales. 

Interesting Thought... 

​While researching the products and buyers I realized that age has no meaning when it comes to dog accessories!

Stylish dog owners come in all ages and types.

It's all about what's in their heart and how they want the world to see them. 

Free macbook.png

New Features

In Zee.Dog's current website one can filter leashes by color and dog size. while the site offers all products in all sizes I thought that

a size filter is not needed and added other features instead. 

The "Style Finder"

In Zee.Dog's current website one can filter leashes by color and breed size. While the site offers all products in all sizes I thought that a size filter is not needed and therefore added new features instead. 

צילום מסך 2021-01-07 ב-17.37.20.png

Smart Algorithm 

With 5 simple questions an algorithm can filter products by;

  • Breed + weight will show availability of sizes (S, M, L)

  • Favorite activity will search for special needs such as waterproof, shock absorbing leashes, etc..

  • Favorite color will filter the colors


By adding personalization the customer will feel like this is the best choice for him! If the customer will not like the chosen leash, he can click the "Find another style" button and a new option will come up.  

צילום מסך 2021-01-07 ב-17.37.43.png
צילום מסך 2021-01-08 ב-13.01.49.png

Vibe Filter

Leashes are meant for outside walks, as a dog owner I know that I have my default leash for regular walks, my long leash for traveling and a body harness for swimming - each has features that helps my dog and I enjoy a better outdoor adventure together. 

Therefore, I chose three different vibes of activities for the browsing costumer, each will show relevant leashes.  

צילום מסך 2021-01-08 ב-13.15.36.png

While hovering an option the color of the button will change

צילום מסך 2021-01-08 ב-13.06.53.png
PSD 4.png

Responsive - Building a Mobile Platform

As more people are shopping online and on-the-go,

a mobile platform was necessary.

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