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Queue management platform for the COVID-19 era 


The easy way to organize and manage queues

and know exactly when your turn comes up. 


The problem

2020 brought us Covid-19, masks and social distancing. 

The world changed completely and we find ourselves

standing in queues way longer than we used to.

As impatient people we would like to know exactly

when our turn will arrive.

My role

  • Design research

  • Prototyping

  • UX design

  • UI design

The solution

A platform that will provide 2 solutions;

one for the business owner and one for the customers.

The Vendor

The vendor will pre-enter data that estimates the waiting time; number of customers, number of registers and additional data that will help the algorithm calculate the estimated waiting time for the customer.

Each business will have a tablet that will be at the beginning of the queue or at the entrance to the business and will display the next number and the estimated wait time.

PSD 4.png

Controlling Your Queue 

The app allows the owner to know the amount of customers waiting in queue, how many people are in the store now,

and to regulate the occupancy inside the store.


By knowing the exact time of customers walking in and out the store, the vendor has a chance to know the statistics of its queue, customers, wait time and so on...


Business Opportunities 

While waiting in line the customers may have time to scroll through the social media accounts of the business, something that can save precious in-store time since they’ll get a glimpse of the inventory.  

Once the vendor has all the information about their customers it will be easy to award returning customers and customers that are always on time and send special vouchers to those who never dropped the queue and more.

Free Responsive Screen Devices.jpg

The Costumer

  • The customer will sign in, add personal info and select the business where he would like to enter the queue.

  • The customer will be able to register from his personal device (remotely) or via a tablet that will stand at the entrance to the business

MOCKUP 2.jpg

Time Management 

The customer will be able to see his location in the queue

at any time and know the estimated time until his turn.

The customer can ask the app to send a notification X minutes before his turn so he will get ready.

Dropping the Queue

Sometimes things are not going the way we planned and customers may have to drop the queue or show up late. 

The app gives a solution to that too and customers can show up late in a framed time that will be set in advance by the business owner. Customers that won't make it on time can drop the queue with a click of a button. 

MOCKUP 5.jpg

Developing Graphic Language

Here you can see the graphic process that was developed.

Flat design changed to neomorphism, the palette changed to more relaxed colors (after all, impatient people will look at it and we don't want to increase the stress level.

The only thing that remained the same all along was the position of the bottom buttons; it was important to leave them big and at the bottom so it will be easy for the queue operator to click on them with one hand holding the phone, using only the thumb.

From the beginning to the final solution (scroll gallery)

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